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Meet Ni Na

My name is Ni Na and I am one of those exceptional young women who turn heads everywhere they go. Take a look at some of my photos and you will see quite clearly for yourself why men fall over themselves whenever they see me. If I sound vain to you, it’s because I am, and for very good reason. Anyway, I’m sure you can judge for yourself, so why not date me and find out; you will be so pleasantly surprised. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in reading about my latest exciting adventure as a gentleman’s companion in London, so here it is.


As it happens, on the day in question I had decided to take the day off and look around in one of my favourite stores, which is Harrods in Knightsbridge. I can’t really afford most of the expensive things I like, but I still love to browse the various departments there and imagine that I can. I had almost decided to leave, and I was looking through a novel in the book department when a very smart looking gentleman came over and told me that he just couldn’t help introducing himself to such a beautiful young woman. Of course, if I hadn’t been who I am, I would probably have brushed him off and walked away, but I am who I am and I saw a golden opportunity to do some free shopping, so I smiled and told him my name. One thing led to another, and after I explained how frustrating it was to see so many beautiful things and not be able to afford them, he offered to take me shopping for a few items.

After buying me a pretty dress and a handbag, he came right to the point he had in mind from the start and asked me to come back to his hotel nearby for a drink. This was so very easy for me to agree to, because his generosity in Harrods told me that my fee would not be a problem for him, so off we went. He had a very nice suite at the Park Tower next to Harvey Nichols, another of my favourite shops, and rather than beating around the bush, I came right out and asked him for my fee. Instead of being taken aback, he was relieved not to have to play games and gave me twice what I asked for; then he told me what he wanted me to do.


In the fantasy that this client wanted to act out, I was a secretary who was coming for an interview for a job which I really wanted as his executive assistant. I sat opposite him at a table in the suite while he asked me the usual questions about my experience and my skills, then he told me that in order to secure the position, he required that I do something special for him. Of course, I knew what to expect in this kind of role-playing fantasy, so I looked suitably shocked before reluctantly agreeing. First, he told me to take off my dress and sit there in my underwear, then he told me to take off my bra and show him my breasts. This excited him so much that he got up and came around to ouch me and kiss my pretty nipples; after which, he pulled down his trousers and told me to stroke him with one hand and fondle his balls with the other. All the while he was fondling my breasts and very soon he moaned in delight and came all over them.


I was quite surprised that no attempt at intercourse was made, but he seemed completely satisfied, and after a quick shower, I left the hotel and went home with my expensive presents and a sizeable amount of cash in my purse. Oh, what a life!


Meet Ni Na

Ni Na
My name is Ni Na and I am one of those exceptional young women who turn heads everywhere they go. read more

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